Super Schnoz and the Booger Blaster Breakdown

When Andy Whiffler—aka Super Schnoz—first smells Strange, the world’s most famous, celebrated, and mysterious perfume of all time, he falls in love. Strange’s recipe is a highly guarded secret, but all Andy has to do is take one whiff and he instantly recognizes every ingredient in the mixture—except one. Now, he’s on a personal mission to figure out the last ingredient, but so is the evil, greedy owner of the Francais Scent Company, Pierre du Voleur, who wants nothing more than to put Jean-Marie Le Puanteur and Strange out of business forever. After plenty of snooping and sniffing around, Andy finally figures out the secret ingredient that makes Strange so alluring. But when Andy slips up and accidentally reveals the secret ingredient to Pierre du Valeur, the race to save the secret of Strange begins!

  • 192 Pages
  • 5.5" x 8"
  • 9788007575635
  • May 2016

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  • 9780807575581
  • September 2015

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Keith Frawley

Common Core

L.4.3,3a,3c,4,4a,5,5a,5b,6 RF.4.3,3a,4,4a,4c RL.4.1,3,4,6,9,10 SL.4.1,1c,1d,2,4,6 W.4.3,3a,3b,3c,3d,3e,8,9,10


  • Accelerated Reader Points: 4
  • ATOS Level: 5.7