Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell

Andy Whiffler is your average eleven-year-old boy…except that his nose is so big he can use it to fly and his sense of smell is a hundred thousand times stronger than any human. In the first book of this hilarious new series, Andy moves to a new school and is instantly picked on because of the size of his nose. But when his classmates discover how powerful his nose is, they decide he is more of a comic book hero than a nerd. One day Andy’s school is shut down due to toxic gasses. Andy discovers that it’s all a secret plot for an evil corporation called the ECU (Environmental Clean Up) to take over the world. Andy and his friends decide that this is a job for Super Schnoz, Andy’s alter-ego. The rag-tag group of kids team up to take on the ECU and ensure school gets back in session (otherwise summer vacation will be ruined!).

  • 160 Pages
  • 5.5" x 8"
  • 9780807575550
  • September 2013

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  • 160 Pages
  • 5.5" x 8"
  • 9780807575604
  • May 2015

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  • 9780807575567
  • May 2015

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  • The writing, stylistically, has enough action and danger to keep it on the right side of parody, as well as a sense of humor that deftly mixes the absurd with gross-out jokes and clever wordplay. Super Schnoz smells like a winner, especially for reluctant readers.

    - Kirkus Reviews, starred review

  • With a superhero story line, short chapters, and gross-out humor, the book hits a number of reluctant-reader marks.…The book is wacky from page one.

    - School Library Journal

  • The puns, references, and nose jokes abound, but themes of friendship and determination are also explored.

    - Library Media Connection


Common Core

RL.3.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 RL.4.1,2,3,4,6,10 RL.5.1,2,3,4,5,6,10


  • Accelerated Reader Points: 3.00
  • ATOS Level: 5.00