The Importance of Sharing Black Stories

The Importance of Sharing Black Stories

Share Black Stories


Words have meaning, and sharing important stories can truly make a difference and change the world.


It’s important to create and publish books that tell stories of perseverance, stories of people standing up to make a difference and inspire the world. And so many of those stories shared are the experience of Black people: stories of pioneers who have broken down barriers and fought against a system that didn’t want to see them succeed: Gordon Parks, Booker T. Washington, Thomas Wiggins, Charlie Sifford, Mabel Fairbanks, Mary Fields, and so many more.


It is important to work with Black authors to create stories celebrating Black experiences, not only because it’s important to show children characters in books they see themselves reflected in, but for all children to learn Black History and culture. When we share stories that shine a light on injustice, we amplify the people throughout history who are examples of using your words and hard work to help others and make the world a better place. We urge everyone to continue to be inspired by the authors who work to make an impact and create change through books, and continue to lift up their voices and stories to make the world a better place for everyone, one page at a time.


Below are some anti-racism reading and education resources. Please read and share. We’ll continue to share and amplify additional resources and Black creators in publishing and education.

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