March 18, 2020




How to share Albert Whitman & Company books with students


Right now, the way children read and learn might look a bit different. And teachers, librarians, Authors, Illustrators and parents are swiftly doing what they can to allow kids across the world to continue learning no matter where their classroom may be. At Albert Whitman, we want to help the way we know best: sharing books that matter with the world, because right now the world needs unity (and a good book) more than ever.

Here are our guidelines for reading Albert Whitman & Company books online during this time:

  • Please note at the beginning of your recording that you are reading with permission from Albert Whitman & Company. 
  • Please ensure your recording is available only on closed platforms (e.g., through a password-protected school platform or a private YouTube channel accessible only by students/educators and that the YouTube video must be designated as “Unlisted” (not “Public”) when uploading). For any exception to this please contact for permission.
  • Viewers should not be charged any dollar value to watch/view the reading and all download abilities should be disabled for the video.
  • Please delete or disable access to your recording after December 31, 2020.  
  • We ask that all educators, librarians, authors, illustrators and booksellers please notify us via email ( when you post or stream a story time or read-aloud video or live event, providing us with your contact information and the book that is read.
  • By posting any recording, you agree to all terms outlined above. Albert Whitman & Company may adjust these terms in the future, as the situation evolves.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep kids engaged, involved, and inspired!


Tom MacDonald

Senior Marketing Manager

Albert Whitman & Company

* For a shareable version of these guidelines, please visit our permissions page.

**this page was updated on 5/1/2020 to reflect the date to be deleted or disabled extended through August 2020

***this page was updated on 8/25/2020 to reflect the date to be deleted or disabled extended through December 2020