What's So Special about Planet Earth?

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Robert E. Wells


What's So Special about Planet Earth?




Robert E. Wells

Robert E. Wells

Published 2009

Published 2010

Age Levels: 7-9, Grades: 2-4
Pages: 32
10.50" x 7.00"
Illustrations: Full Color

Accelerated Reader® Points: 0.50
ATOS Level: 4.90

Plot Summary

Move to another planet?  Sounds interesting!  In our imaginary spaceship, let's check out the planets in our solar system. 

Mercury is closest, but it has no air, and it's either sizzling hot or bitterly cold.  The atmosphere on Venus is poisonous; plus, human beings would cook there.  Mars might work, but you'd always have to be in a protective shelter.  And if you got to the outer planets, you couldn't even land as they are mostly made of gas! 

Our home planet is looking good.  Why is Earth so comfortable for plants, animals, and people?  As Robert E. Wells explains, it's because of our just-right position form the sun, marvelous atmosphere, and abundant water.  Our planet is very special and perfect for us, and that's why we must do all we can to keep Earth healthy.



IRA-CBC Children's Choices 2010


"Useful as an introduction to planet research, the book will work as a read-aloud or for independent reading." School Library Journal

"Closing with a “Peaceable Kingdom” scene, this sends a clear but not heavy message to younger readers about how lucky we are to have such a home, and how important it is to keep it in good condition. The pictures, the brief text, and the specific but digestible details will pull in Gail Gibbons fans." Booklist

"A good beginning look at the special features that make Earth our home." Kirkus Reviews

"The text is large, easy to read, and suitable for lower elementary school age children. The author doesn’t get carried away with too much detail about each planet, an approach that keeps the message of the book clear."
Science Books & Films

"This is a book that will entertain as well as inform."
Library Media Connection

"Well's playfully informative pen and acrylic illustrations support the premise that there's no place like home--and we should protect that place." The Horn Book Guide

"The segment on environmental awareness is clear, simple, and thankfully, not panic-generating. Suggestions for student involvement are realistic. What's So Special About Planet Earth is an excellent read-aloud for primary students and would be quite accessible for students to read to themselves as well."
National Science Teachers Association

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