• 32 Pages
  • 10.5" x 7"
  • 9780807534212
  • January 1996

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  • 9780807594292
  • January 1996

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  • This book is an introduction to three simple machines: the lever, the pulley, and the wheel. Lifting lions, pulling pandas, and raising a basket of bananas are the tasks the devices are used for. The humorous illustrations both inform and amuse the reader.

    - The Horn Book Guide

  • A basic introduction to levers, wheels, and pulleys. As two children lift a lion, pull a panda, and deliver a basket of bananas to a baboon party, Wells offers explanations for how and why these simple machines work. The hand-lettered text identifies technical terms such as fulcrum, force, friction, and other such words (also included in a glossary).

    - School Library Journal

Common Core



  • Accelerated Reader Points: 0.50
  • ATOS Level: 3.70