Can You Count to a Googol?

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Robert E. Wells


Can You Count to a Googol?




Robert E. Wells

Robert E. Wells

Published 2000

Age Levels: 6-10, Grades: 1-5
Pages: 32
10.50" x 7.00"
Illustrations: Full color

Accelerated Reader® Points: 0.50
ATOS Level: 3.90

Plot Summary

You may be able to count all the way to one hundred, but have you ever counted to a googol? It's impossible! In this fun book of numbers, Robert E. Wells explores the wonderful world of zeros and tells how the googol came to be named.



2000 Gold Seal Award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio; A Best Book for Children 2001, Science Books & Film


"Parents and teachers seeking ways to combine reading with math for young children will welcome this helpful book. Wells works on the basic math concept of adding zeros to make larger and larger numbers, an idea that often fascinates children. . . the illustrations and the author's appeal to children's active imaginations make this book great for read-alouds and for encouraging kids to enjoy math." Kirkus Reviews

"Good supplementary material for the math curriculum." Booklist

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