It’s Halloween, Chloe Zoe!

All dressed up in costumes and filled with excitement, Chloe Zoe, Mary Margaret, and George, are ready for a great autumn tradition: Halloween! As they prepare to go trick or treating Chloe Zoe feels a twinge of fear about the possibility of a witch living in a creepy old house down the street. After they fill their bags with lots of Halloween goodies, Chloe Zoe and her friends find themselves in front of the spooky house. With some help from Dad and her pals, Chloe Zoe is reminded to be brave. Will she face the old house in hopes of getting a special Halloween treat?

  • 32 Pages
  • 8" x 8"
  • 9780807512104
  • August 2017

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  • 9780807512111
  • December 2018

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  • Chloe Zoe’s candid and enthusiastic narration makes this a good choice for Halloween newbies.

    - Publishers Weekly

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