Although Bunnybear was born a bear, he feels more like a bunny. He prefers bouncing in the thicket to tramping in the forest, and in his heart he’s fluffy and tiny, like a rabbit, instead of burly and loud, like a bear. The other bears don’t understand him, and neither do the bunnies. Will Bunnybear ever find a friend who likes him just the way he is?

  • 32 Pages
  • 8.5" x 10.75"
  • 9780807509388
  • January 2017

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  • Despite the lighthearted tone, Loney’s story has important things to say about identity and acceptance, and is valuable both as entertainment and a conversation-starter.

    - Publishers Weekly

  • A sweet story of friendship and acceptance…the message of being true to one’s nature is one many children need to hear.

    - Kirkus Reviews


Carmen Saldaña