What Do You See?

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Martine Perrin


What Do You See?




Martine Perrin

Martine Perrin

Marianne Martens

Published 2011

Age Levels: 3-5, Grades: Preschool-Preschool
Pages: 16
6.63" x 6.63"
Illustrations: Full color

Plot Summary

Children will discover animal friends through visual cut-out puzzles.

Martine Perrin has created visually stunning board books perfect for young children first exploring the world around them. The real fun of each book lies with the die-cuts. Each cut-out flips back onto delightfully abstract designs to reveal a ducky in the bath or a snake in the grass or a crab in the sand. Tiny hands are sure to turn the pages again and again -- and again!



"The repetitive format encourages participation; brevity commands attention....A joyous display of visual discovery, simultaneously strategic and seamless." STARRED REVIEW, Kirkus Reviews

"First published in France in 2005, and it shows--there's a hipness about this that feels distinctly international. With graphic stripes, waves, and dots, Perrin leads us through page turns that have no discernible through line but are nonetheless full of delight." Booklist

"This is a book to grow with, seeing something new with each repeated viewing." School Library Journal

"Perrin's elegant sense of design manages to make this one of the rare board books that is as fascinating to babies as the pictures are attractive to adults. It's rare that a grown person can appreciate something as much as a newborn, but this is one of the exceptions." Elizabeth Bird (http://blog.schoollibraryjournal.com/afuse8production

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