Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

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Lincoln's Gettysburg Address




Abraham Lincoln
Gabor S. Boritt (new introduction by)

James Daugherty

Published 2013

Age Levels: 6-18, Grades: 1-12
Pages: 48
9.00" x 12.00"
Illustrations: Full color

Plot Summary

New introduction by Gabor S. Boritt

The Gettysburg Address is one of the most influential speeches in our history, written by Abraham Lincoln at a crucial period in his presidency and in United States history.

Caldecott Honoree and Newbery Medalist James Daugherty's pictorial interpretation of President Abraham Lincon's famous speech, the Gettysburg Address, was originally published by Albert Whitman & Company in 1947. This book is available again in a fresh new edition just in time for the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address with a new introduction by Lincoln- and Civil War-scholar Gabor S. Boritt.



"A vividly visual interpretation of a still-momentous speech." Kirkus Reviews

"Daugherty powerfully illustrates Lincoln's momentous Gettysburg Address." The Horn Book Guide

"The majestic artwork is filled with movement and bold swirls of color. . . .History and art teachers will want this outstanding picture book in their collections." School Library Journal

 "The images have the heroic feel of WPA posters, as people from all backgrounds and ethnicities join together to embrace the hope and promise embodied in Lincoln's speech." Publishers Weekly Online

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