Learn With AW Books

Learn With AW Books

Fun activities and books to enjoy while learning outside of school!


Right now, the way children read and learn might look a bit different. And teachers, librarians, and parents are swiftly doing what they can to allow kids across the world to continue learning no matter where their classroom may be.

At Albert Whitman, we want to help the way we know best: sharing books that matter with the world, because right now the world needs unity (and a good book) more than ever. In the coming weeks, we will spotlight on our social media channels Albert Whitman titles alongside activity kits and exercises to help keep kids reading and learning through these uncertain times.

We want to inspire and educate our children, and will tag any of these related posts with the hashtag #learnwithawbooks.


The Importance of Sharing Black Stories

Words have meaning, and sharing important stories can truly make a difference and change the world.

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We’re joined by author Lori Haskins Houran and illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh!

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The Boxcar Children have been a teacher-favorite since the very first book, which Gertrude Chandler Warner wrote for her students.

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Release the hounds! This week At Home with AW has gone to the dogs, literally, as we enjoy two brand new pup tales released this April from Albert Whitman & Company.

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In this week’s At Home with AW video, Lisa celebrates with a readaloud the brave Lumber Jills, and shares with viewers Albert Whitman’s She Made History series.