Inspire Kids to Get Outdoors | Summer Reads

Inspire Kids to Get Outdoors | Summer Reads

Summer Reads – Inspire Kids to Get Outdoors


For many kids, summer vacation feels very different this year. Instead of taking road trips with the family or heading off to camp, they’re sticking close to home. Lucky for them (and for us), no matter where we are, fresh air and warm sunshine never get old.

Encourage children to spend time outside by sharing stories about their favorite summer activities. They may not be able to root for the home team in person, but they can cheer for their favorite baseball player in Me and McGee. Their youth soccer league may be on hiatus, but they can still learn about friendship and teamwork in Diabetes Doesn’t Stop Maddie!

And, of course, there’s plenty to discover and explore in the neighborhood…as long as you know where to look. My Mindful Walk with Grandma guides little ones to find mindfulness in nature.

What will your children do with the extra hours of sunlight summer brings? Whether they prefer long bike rides, nature hikes, or a day at the beach, these books will get them excited to explore the great outdoors.

Imagination: Every Kid’s Secret Superpower

This month, we’re celebrating the power of imagination to entertain, educate, and inspire kids of all ages. And what better time to do it than October, which ends with the most imaginative holiday of all?

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Make a Splash with these Hot Reads | Summer Reads

Summer is for book lovers! For a few months, kids have fewer commitments, which means more time to read. During the day, they can soak up a story along with the sun, and at night, they can stay up late to finish one more chapter—with parental permission, of course.