Imagination: Every Kid’s Secret Superpower

Imagination: Every Kid’s Secret Superpower

Imagination: Every Kid’s Secret Superpower


This month, we’re celebrating the power of imagination to entertain, educate, and inspire kids of all ages. And what better time to do it than October, which ends with the most imaginative holiday of all?

Dressing up in a costume is fun any time of year, of course, but it has another benefit—helping kids get into the mind of the character they’re imitating. And on Halloween especially, children can try on different identities in a safe, public environment. On October 31st, almost everyone is playing make-believe.

Whether a child wants to be a superhero, monster, princess, or historical figure, their choice can start a conversation about what they admire about other people, and talk about the kind of qualities they want to emulate as they grow. Maybe they like how monsters stay true to themselves, or how superheroes lend a hand to people in need, or how princesses take charge.

Confidence, empathy, and leadership: these are all skills kids need to navigate the world around them. And though adulthood may not come with a cape or a crown (for most of us, anyway), kids should feel empowered to dream big for the future.

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Twelve-year-old aspiring forest ranger Maggie wants to be just like her favorite superhero, the Exceptional Eagirl. So when her dad loses his job and her family has to move, she wonders, “What would Eagirl do?”



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