The No-Dogs-Allowed Rule

Ishan Mehra wants a dog, but his mother has a rule about dogs. (Guess what it is?) Ishan figures if he’s helpful enough and does enough things right around the house, he can change her mind. Somehow, though, the right things seem to come out all wrong. whether it’s making paratha for breakfast or repainting the hallway! Award-winning author Kashmira Sheth’s first novel for younger readers introduces Ishan, whose hilarious misadventures will resonate with kids everywhere.

  • 9780807556962
  • March 2015

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  • This story is unique because Ishan and his family represent a blend of Indian and American cultures. Sheth weaves their unique ethnicity throughout the book.

    - Library Media Connection

  • Children will relate to his stubbornness and creativity as Ishan hunkers down and focuses on dog, dogs, dogs–to the point of driving his parents, neighbors, and extended family to distraction with his one-track mind and exploits.

    - School Library Journal

  • Sheth’s first novel for younger readers features a likable, determined protagonist, gentle humor and a familiar family situation….Just right for aspiring pet owners.

    - Kirkus Reviews

  • Much like his female counterparts Junie B. Jones and Ramona, Ishan’s naivety and creativity will endear him to readers, as will his sibling difficulties.

    - Booklist

Awards & Accolades

  • Best Children's Books of the Year 2013, Bank Street College


    Common Core

    RL.3.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 RL.4.1,2,3,4,6,10 RL.5.1,2,3,4,5,6,10


    • Accelerated Reader Points: 2.00
    • ATOS Level: 2.90