All Kinds of Friends

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All Kinds of Friends




Norma Simon

Cherie Zamazing

Published 2013

Age Levels: 4-7, Grades: Preschool-2
Pages: 32
10.75" x 8.50"
Illustrations: Full color

Plot Summary

Wherever you live, whoever you are, friends are important, all kinds of friends.

In the spirit of her classic book All Kinds of Families, Norma Simon leads us through a celebration of friendship—school friends, family friends, grownup friends, even pet friends! Simple, reassuring, and thoughtful, chidren will recognize themselves—and their friends—on every page.



"In a relaxed, conversational tone, Simon explains the importance of friendship. . . .The vibrant, contemporary illustrations show school-age children at the beach, camping in the woods, and having fun at the fair." School Library Journal

"The text conveys information in a straightforward, simple way. . . .A humble, heartening offering good for sharing one on one or discussing with a group." Kirkus Reviews

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